The Zipper Lady - Free Shipping Orders Over $100!

If zippers are what you were looking for, than you’re in the right place -- The Zipper Lady specializes in the best zippers for all your sewing projects.

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The Zipper Lady - Free Shipping Orders over $100!

#6 Invisible: 10 yds/14 pulls 20% Off. $28.35 On sale $22.68 Sale #7 Rainbow Pulls. Your Price: $2.00 14" Multi Color Finished Zips - 25pcs. $26.25 On sale $18.75 Sale. 2-way Antique Brass Yardage. Your Price: $5.20 40 Candy Colored LONG Pulls for #3 Coil Zipper Tape. Your Price: $9.95

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SALE! - The Zipper Lady

#4 Invisible 6 Colors: 10 yds./18 pulls off tape. Sale. $142.80 On sale $119.00 #2 Invisible 400 yd & 1000 pulls - Lime. Sale. $520.00 On sale $98.95 #2 Invisible 400 yd & 1000 pulls - Purple. Sale. $520.00 On sale $98.95 #2 Invisible 400 yd & 1000 pulls - Light Aqua. Sale.

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Yardage is the best option when you are making purses & bags. Cut off what you need & save the remainder for your next purse or duffle project! The pulls are easily put on either end to meet in the middle. Some manufacturers call this "head to head". I have videos above on how I sew these zippers into bags.

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Jacket Zippers - The Zipper Lady

Just order top stops & apply to the last tooth before your neck or collar seam then cut off the extra teeth before tucking the zipper into your seam. Molded tooth zippers come in #3, #5, #10 on my site. #3 or 3mm is the smallest. Use in baby items or where you don't want a lot of bulk like a sweater.

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