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Hey, I am stuck into my Update. Dunno what is wrong. Can someone check and give a tip please? They also want to expand the SolarBot Warranty Call Sheet report to additionally include customers with a SolarBot whose warranty expires in the next 45 days. The team is focusing on a few key states, so this report should only include customers from Nevada (NV), Utah (UT), or California (CA).

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exams vouchers - Answers - Salesforce Trailblazer Community

Hi, I joined an official salesforce cert day this morning and it say's "All webinar attendees will receive a coupon code for a $70 discount off of any $200 exam". I'm interested to know how long it takes before I get a discount code, I thought it might be odd I havent recieved yet and might of had it via email after the webinar finished this morning.

It was in India time if that has any

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Coupon code for Salesforce Admin certification - Answers

Can anyone help me in finding the coupon code for the Salesforce Admin Certifcation, as I am planning to take my exam in July 1st week. Please let me know as earliest. Thank You.

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What is the best way to send coupon codes? - Answers

My company is very new to the Exact Target platofrm. I'd like to send an e-mail with coupon codes to a subset of my customers. My ecommece platform generates a csv of random coupon codes similar to "WELCOME18akd" What is the best way to send coupon codes with Exact Target? Is creating a new group of subscribers, a new profile attribute, and importing the coupon codes in to that profile

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Incorrect Coupon Codes on multi-line items in an Order

Hover over the Discount callout message “X% Off order”, for the first line item the value displayed on hover is the Digital internal coupon identifier, for example- ‘a38xxxxxxxxxx5d35c’ and for the second line item the value displayed on Hover “X% Off order” is the DIgital coupon code or the actual code, for example- ‘XXXXXXXXX18’.

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Changing Coupon code in SingleCode Coupon in BM breaks the

3. Assign it to a active campaign (Example: 5_off_ties_campaign) 4. Add the applicable product in the cart (Example: 682875540326) 5. Add coupon code "testcoupon" (All lower case) and apply, you will see that it works 6. Go back and select the same coupon in BM and change the code tp "TestCouponNew" 7.

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A single coupon code is incorrectly allowed to be used

When a single coupon code is applied multiple times in the same order, the promotion library honors all the coupons and applies it to all the discounts. Repro Create a single coupon called TESTCOUPON and make sure redemption per customer is set to one.

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- Answers - Salesforce Trailblazer Community

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Salesforce Admin Practice Test Answers - Answers

The Support Representative uses the Send Email Action on the Case Feed. The System Administrator configures the Case Auto-Response Rules. The System Administrator enables Case Comment Notification to Contacts.

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Admin Practice Test - Need your help - Answers

Hello Trailblazers, Need your help on the following practice test questions. THANK YOU! 41. Universal Containers wants internal support requests to be directed to any of the IT representatives. They want external support requests to directed to customer support representatives based on the contact’s location.

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Where to study for Admin certification and example tests

I can stress enough though on Mike Wheeler's exams. It comes with 3 and will give you feedback on what to improve on.I didn't pass the first time and only studied by glancing over 1 of Mike's practice exams. I then went back and did all 3, until I got at least 80% on each one, and his questions and examples I noticed were very closely like the real Certification exam - which I thought was very

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