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A bit new to power shell but learning it fast, I have downloaded a content from a web url containing servers data like server name, env details, Site address, Country, I want to filter a column headed

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WSUS Clients are not getting updates

No - I was just going off the name of the GPO being for Win8/Win10. I would break off the Win7 settings into another GPO and scope them to a group that contains only Windows 7 machines - this way only the Win7 machines get these policies and none of the others get them. They don't have any effect on Win10 machines though.

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How Do I Disable The Prompt About An Application Trying To

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 with all patches Office Professional Plus 2010 with all patches I have a canned application that sends emails. I cannot change the application. Recently, when it attempts to send emails I get a prompt from Outlook to allow it for x minutes. This did not happen a month ago 路 Please note that this was not a problem at the

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Quick Question about modes in XP mode

Good evening all, For some time my wife has been wanting to print coupons from online. Every time I install the required software, I get virus warnings, etc. I was hoping to be able to use XP mode for isolation potential issues with doing this. If I set up XP mode to run in the basic mode where 路 That coupon thing really is malware, I've had some

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Printer stopped working

Today I am trying to print coupons off a site ( and it will not print. My printer is working but it will not print for Is this a printer problem or a site problem from ? Friday, July 1, 2011 5:43 PM. Reply | Quote Answers text/html 7/6/2011 9:27:49 AM Magon Liu 0. 0

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Was BCM critical design flaw with auto-linking and folders

I went through 100's hours and 6 months of continuous support calls back in the Spring, starting with Pro (outsourced Indian based service) and then resulting in friends and family service coupon code which put in touch with "real" BCM engineering support team in USA.

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Can't print from web on microsoft edge

I updated to Windows 10 yesterday but can't figure out how to print from edge on web pages. I get a black screen with a picture of a printer and the only option is to close it when I click on the 3 dots and select print --but nothing prints. If I open the web with IE I print just fine. I can 路 Can you printer with Edge to Microsoft Printer to PDF

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Microsoft Edge Browser and SSL Certificates

In IE, you could click on the padlock icon in the URL bar and then click view certificates to actually see the certificate details. Is there a way to view certificates in the Edge browser? I can click on the padlock and see some information, but I don't see a way to view the actual certificate. 路 Hi, So far, there is no way to view the certificates in

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Microsoft Script Control

Off-Topic Posts (Do Not Post Here) I am only able to get the coupons on the first page til the "show more coupons" button. There are approx. 30 pages to load. Is there a function to make it continue to the next page? Saturday, March 22, 2014 11:33 AM. Reply | Quote

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How to check the NPS logs in the Event Viewer

I configured the Log File Properties in Accounting in NPS server as the following screenshots. And I checked there has indeed been a NPS log file. However, the content of the log file is not friendly to read in the notepad. May I check the NPS log in the Event Viewer? Thanks. 路 Hi Jeremy, Thanks for your reply. However, there does be a way to check the

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I was at BestBuy the other day and there was some "Microsoft donkey" standing out front by the entrance giving out free fingerprint readers and coupons for Microsoft Office. I told him he was pimping out garbage because it didn't work with Vista64 and he seemed totally clueless that there was 路 Hi, I am sorry to hear your problem. I fully

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