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Which Companies Offer Discounts for Students - MintLife Blog

Students can save $100 off certain computers and up to 10% off monitors and other accessories. Nike. Nike normally offers a 10% discount for students but has recently increased it to 20%. Students have to prove their eligibility online before receiving a special coupon code. The code can only be used once every 30 days. Local attractions

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Mint Answers: Do Coupons Really Save You Money? - MintLife

For example: The store is selling Cheerios for $1.50 a box and you have a coupon for $1.00 off one box of Cheerios, so with both coupons you only pay $0.50. You can get manufacturer’s coupons online or in the newspaper and sometimes in the mail. A lot of stores with club cards also offer what are known as e-coupons and they are completely

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60 Super Simple Ways to Save Money - MintLife Blog

20. Use Coupons. Not just in newspapers and junk ads anymore, coupons are available on company websites, apps like SnipSnap, and online. Before you go out shopping, check your phone or computer and increase your savings. 21. Share Entertainment

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Daily Deal Aggregators: One-Step Shopping For Group Buying

Daily deal websites are a dime a dozen these days, from Groupon, to Living Social and Tippr, to the hundreds of smaller sites aspiring to ride the wave of group buying success. The deals can be pretty great. But signing up to get all of the alerts means your inbox will be inundated with daily deal emails, not to mention the time you'll spend sifting through to find those that meet your needs.

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How to Budget Groceries: 11 Easy Tips - MintLife Blog

7. Be Careful with Coupons. 50 percent off ketchup is a great deal — unless you don’t need ketchup. Beware of coupons that claim you’ll “save” money. If the item isn’t on your list, you’re not saving at all, but rather spending on something you don’t truly need. This discretion is key to saving money at the grocery store. 8.

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Where to Resell Your Unused Groupons: The Secondary Market

(photo: Groupon) Ever buy a Groupon or other daily deal voucher you never used? You have several options: write off the money you spent as a loss, try to sell the coupon on eBay or Craigslist, or take a more targetted approach, thanks to a handful of websites that have recently sprung up to act as a secondary market for those vouchers.

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How Much Your Monthly Food Budget Should Be + Grocery

Cut Coupons. Coupons are easy to find in the mail, in store, in your inbox, and even in a Google search. Many popular grocery stores are rolling out apps that track your coupons and savings. Be sure to download and register your email for new updates and sales. These usually work in person or online, so you can shop when and how you like.

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How to Stop Spending Money and Build Your Savings Instead

While checking off your shopping list, see if there are any generic alternatives to big-name brands. Most big box stores make the same products at a discounted price in exchange for the branded packaging. Compare the ingredients of a generic item against name brand products to see if you can spot a difference.

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70 Acts of Kindness Ideas That Won’t Cost a Thing - Mint

37. Leave Unused Coupons at Checkout for Others. If you get a new coupon at checkout, or didn’t get to use all the ones you had in your wallet, leave them with that cashier to give to families that may want them. It will be a nice little surprise to end their shopping trip with a little more savings on groceries. 38. Leave a Note on Someone

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