10 Best Military Vacation Secret Spots

The Top 10 Best Military Vacation Secret Spots. by Michelle Volkmann. Acceptable. Fine. A bed. That’s normally how I describe temporary military lodges. As a military spouse, I don’t mind bunking there because it’s cheap, but I don’t brag about the amenities to my civilian friends.

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Use Coupons. Couponing can seem a little overwhelming but once you know what you are doing, clipping coupons becomes a habit. All you need to do is start buying your local newspaper on Sundays, find coupons online and go to the right websites to help you match them with your local stores.

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Most of the time they allow me to combine military and manufactureres coupons as long as there are no more coupons than the number of items. (ie. $1 off on 2 Mfg w/ a $0.50 off on 1 military) However, this week I got the coupon Nazi as a checker and she wouldn't take hardly any of my coupons.

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10 Commissary Rewards Card Coupons -

When it comes to coupons and saving money, I also have a few guiding principles. For example, a coupon must be worth my time to redeem it. I don’t get excited about 25 cents off 1 product coupons. But I’m always finding a way to use a $1 off coupon. That’s my $1 coupon rule. There are items that I need to buy, but I won’t buy without a

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Military Discounts for Your Military Wedding

Military Discounts for Your Wedding The Ring. Diamonds or gems, simple or ornate, an engagement ring and wedding bands can take a healthy chunk of your budget.

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A military consumer website providing coupons, discounts and contests and special offers exclusivily for the military commuity. Message boards, free classifieds, job postings Commissary and Exchange sales and links to official military base websites are also featured.

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Military Discounts for 17 Tech Products, Services

Military families live in a high-tech world and I’ll be the first to admit, I love it! Getting my hands on the latest technology isn’t always in my budget, but with military discounts from some of the best tech companies out there, bringing the latest tech gear home is a little easier with a little discount.

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16 Military Discounts for Fitness Enthusiasts

16 Military Discounts for Fitness Enthusiasts. Rogue Fitness: Rogue Fitness is a popular site to purchase fitness equipment. They have everything from CrossFit gear to dumb bells to apparel. Their staff includes many current and former service members and their spouses. They ship to APO/FPO addresses.

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4 Military Discounts You Need to Know About When Buying a

Buying Overseas. Military AutoSource.. My dad was the one that brought this military discount program to my attention. It turns out that my own family utilized an overseas car buying program in the ‘90s to buy our tried-and-true Ford Aerostar.

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