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A savings calculator is a tool used to help you figure out how much money you will make over time when placing an initial amount or additional contributions into an interest-earning account. There are many reasons why having an interest-earning savings account is important for financial health

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Personal Finance 101: Here's Where to Start |

Pay off as much debt as possible Any debt you still owe adds money to your budget every month in the form of interest. For example, if you make a minimum credit card payment of $75 each month to a credit card, but the company charges $39 each month in interest on your accrued purchases, you are effectively only paying off $36 of your balance

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How to Remodel your Bathroom for just $2,400 |

This strategy also let us take advantage of sales and coupons as they came up, which saved us $150. Time and money trade-offs. Our plan was to hire a professional contractor to do everything. We had waited so long to remodel that we didn’t want to mess it up with an overzealous attempt at doing it ourselves.

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Brex Corporate Card for Ecommerce Review |

Cardholders should also use their coupons and credits to increase savings. For example, the Salesforce subscription can save companies up to $375. Some of the other subscriptions might cost $25 monthly to over $300 depending on the business. The $150 in Google Ads can run out quickly for businesses not familiar with keywords.

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