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Find the Best Holiday Deals | Northwest Bank

When you have a long list of holiday gifts to buy, it can really pay off to spend time looking for deals on those gifts. Every deal you find is more money you get to keep in your pocket or spend on someone else. However, finding the deals and knowing when to buy can take some of your time and attention.

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Little Cuts to Save You Money | Northwest Bank

Before hitting the stores, check newspaper ads for coupons and sales. This way you can buy milk, chicken and apples where they are the most affordable. Do not forget the coupons: It takes time, but don't forget to clip coupons before you hit the grocery store, head out to restaurants or take the kids miniature golfing. By becoming an obsessive

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Saving Money While on Vacation | Northwest Bank

These discounts may be useful for free appetizers, reduced meal prices, buy one get one free or half off admission to attractions, and more. Takeaways Employing a few key savings pointers before and during your vacation can help you get more mileage and fun from your vacation while helping you stay within your budget.

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Are You Eating Away At Your Paycheck? | Northwest Bank

Some restaurants offer discounts as deep as 50 percent off your meal for every fourth visit through their loyalty program. Sign up for restaurant email lists. Some of them offer free food on your birthday. Many offer free food during your entire birthday month. Take advantage of what they offer. Clip coupons.

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Reducing Your Spending | Northwest Bank

Finding coupons for frequently used items or brands similar to your preferred choice can help reduce your grocery bill further. Also, once you´re in the store, focusing on the price per unit, rather than the size of the package can help you avoid deceptive packaging practices.

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The True Cost of Buying on Credit | Northwest Bank

If you do this, you will not be charged interest on your purchase. Also, it is when you do not pay off your credit card balance in full, and the interest starts piling up, that you'll learn just how costly credit can be. The impact of interest. Say you buy an $800 laptop computer with a credit card that comes with an interest rate of 18 percent.

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What to Do With a Lump Sum of Money | Northwest Bank

If you can't completely pay off a credit card, even just paying down the balance makes a big difference by reducing your interest costs each month going forward so you can pay off the credit card faster. Build your emergency fund: Every household should have at least $1,000 saved in an easily accessible emergency fund. That way, if urgent

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Saving Big by Buying Used | Northwest Bank

Chances are you have probably heard that a brand new car immediately goes down in value the minute you drive it off the dealer's lot. That is true. You can save yourself thousands of dollars by buying a used vehicle that's only a couple years older than a brand new model. Hand Tools. Used Hand tools are easy to find.

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Building a Rainy Day Savings Fund | Northwest Bank

Many financial experts recommend that you start you rainy day fund before you take on other significant financial tasks such as paying off high-interest rate debt. That is because a fiscal emergency if you do not have the cushion of an emergency fund, could throw your financials into chaos.

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The Best Time to Buy | Northwest Bank

For instance, the first quarter of the year -- the months of January, February and March -- is an ideal time to buy a boat. That is because this is the off-season for boating. It is also a time of year during which boat shows are held, meaning you can find plenty of bargains. What else should you buy in the first quarter of the year?

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