How To Transfer Capital Gains To New Property | Finance

How to Transfer Capital Gains to New Property. Real estate investments that appreciate over time can create a hefty tax bill at the time you sell the property. The tax -- capital gains tax -- is

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Premium Vs. Discount Bonds | Finance - Zacks

Premium Vs. Discount Bonds. Premium and discount refer to the price of a bond and can often mean the difference between a gain and a loss on your investment. But the correlation is not always

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Do Bonds Produce a Monthly Income? | Finance - Zacks

Do Bonds Produce a Monthly Income?. The standard interest payment interval for investment bonds is twice a year or semi-annually. For investors who would like to receive monthly interest checks

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The Relation Between Time to Maturity & Bond Price

Bond Price Function. The price or market value of an investment bond is based on the rate of interest the bond pays -- called the coupon rate -- compared to the current market yield for similar bonds.

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Can Donated Food Be Written Off as a Deduction on Taxes

There's no specific tax write off form for donations of food, but if you make any donation that's not cash or a check and is valued at more than $250, you'll also have to fill out IRS Form 8283 to

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Taxation of Corporate Bond Interest | Finance - Zacks

A bond is a debt security. It is an I.O.U. of sorts. When you buy a bond you are loaning money to the bond's issuer in exchange for the promise of regular interest payments and a return of the

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How to Convert Bond Price to Yield | Finance - Zacks

A bond’s interest payments are based on its annual interest rate, or coupon rate, and its face, or par, value. While the coupon remains fixed, a bond’s market price fluctuates to reflect

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Tax on US Treasury STRIPS | Finance - Zacks

Tax on US Treasury STRIPS. Treasury bond STRIPS are a widely available form of zero coupon bonds. These bonds do not pay regular interest; instead, a STRIP is purchased at a discount from the face

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How to Pay Back Overpayment of Social Security Benefits

How to Pay Back Overpayment of Social Security Benefits. The default method the Social Security Administration uses to recoup overpayments is to withhold the amount from your monthly benefits.

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How to Invest During Deflation | Finance - Zacks

Falling prices and decreasing asset values are symptoms of economic deflation. As the economy slows, demand for goods and services drops and employees are laid off as production slows. Higher

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How to Calculate the Weighted Average Life for Bonds

A Weighty Matter. The weights in the WAL calculation are the amounts of principal that will be returned in any particular year. For example, suppose a four year, $1,000 face-value amortizing bond

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