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EuropCorr is a company specialized in design, manufacturing, sales and consultancy of corrosion monitoring systems mainly for petrochemical, oil and gas industry.

Actived: Thursday Jan 21, 2021


Retrieval Tool & Service Valve - EuropCorr

High Pressure Retrieval tool & Service Valve - Mechanical System The EuropCorr® two inch high pressure mechanical retrieval tool is specially designed for safe and easy installation and removal of various monitoring devices from pipelines and vessels under line pressure through an EuropCorr® mechanical access fitting assembly.

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Chemical Injection - EuropCorr

Standard valves have a straight through flow passage. When required, the access fitting body may be sealed off with a pipe plug. The fitting will then act as a standard non-tee fitting, permitting the use of corrosion coupons and probes. If the tee is sealed with a pipe plug, the tee outlet cannot be used again until the system has been

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Heavy Duty Covers - EuropCorr

The EuropCorr® hydraulic heavy protective covers are designed to protect the Hydraulic access fitting external ACME thread from mechanical and environmental damage. They are also designed to take the pressure load off the locking pins which keep the monitoring device in position inside the access fitting.

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