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Renewable Energy From Green Waste Using Fischer-Tropsch

The Fischer-Tropsch (FT) process to convert green waste into renewable energy is a multi-steps chemical reactions in both coal liquefaction and gas to liquids technology for producing liquid hydrocarbons.

Actived: Friday Jan 15, 2021

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Application of Thermal Sprayed Aluminum to Subsea Structures

The test coupons should then be coated using the same methods and parameters as those that will be used for the structure or components. The coupon and cylinder should be tested as follows: The flat coupon should be bent to 180o around a 0.5-inch (13-mm) diameter mandrel in two places.

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Offshore and subsea corrosion and integrity management

These may be off the shelf, or specifically tailored to address mixed chemicals (cocktailing) performance. As a rule, the dosages applied will need to be of an adequate residual allowing for optimum efficiency of the corrosion reduction mechanisms. Distribution of corrosion probes and coupons should be used to ensure that all wetted parts

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