PostgreSQL GRANT | Guide To Examples Of PostgreSQL GRANT

We have two users named payal and Postgres. Postgres is the default user present in the PostgreSQL database that is the superuser and has all privileges while payal user is created by me for demonstration purpose that does not has any privileges.

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Coupon Rate vs Interest Rate | Top 6 Best Differences

Key differences between Coupon Rate vs Interest Rate. Let us discuss some of the major differences between Coupon Rate vs Interest Rate : The key difference between coupon rate vs interest rate is that interest rate is generally and in most of the cases are related to plain vanilla debt like term loans and other kinds of debt which are availed by companies and individuals for various business

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Annual Return Formula | How to Calculate Annual Return

The investor decided to sell off all the stocks on December 31, 2018, for capital appreciation of $8 per stock. Further, the investor also received dividends of $1 per stock in 2014 and $2 per stock in 2017 totaling dividend income of $3 per stock during the five-year holding period.

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Annualized Rate of Return Formula | Calculator | Example

Annualized Rate of Return Formula – Example #1. Let us take an example of John who purchased a mutual fund worth $50 on January 1, 2014. The mutual fund grew by 4% and 6% in 2014 and 2016 respectively, while it declined by 3% in 2015.

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Sinking Fund Formula | Calculator (Excel Template)

Periodic Contribution = $500,000 / (((1 + 6% / 2) ^ (10 * 2) – 1)/(6% / 2)) Periodic Contribution = $18,607.85 Explanation. Basically, in the sinking funds, since there is sufficient money available to pay off the debt, this helps in ensuring that the default will not happen and that is the main reason of setting up sinking fund at the first place.

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Advantage Different Types of Mutual Funds (Futures Guide)

A lot of analysts have talked about how mutual funds are subject to risks and the offer document is an important consideration. Mutual funds have a risk-reward trade-off whereby the higher the risk, the greater the reward. The only trick is minimizing the risk and maximizing the gains. But the catch is that reward is only possible where there

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8 Great Ideas to Promote Employee Retention Process

8 Best Ideas to Promote Employee Retention Process #1. The environment of the bond at work . A bond that a team shares with each other and with their own employees is one of the biggest factors that keeps the satisfaction high and keep the employee retention process.

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Employee Motivation - Why Recognition is most important?

Employee Motivation is the key to happy and satisfied employees. A happy workplace has higher productivity and higher productivity generates higher revenue in return. Employee productivity is a measure of employee retentivity and empowered employees with a happy workplace and work collaboration at the workplace. Employers today do come up with a variety of employee motivation ideas to motivate

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10 Best Tools of Direct Marketing | Business Marketing Tools

Since they are shown during off peak hours, office going or business people are not likely to see them although homemakers are likely to be the audience. Direct-to-home: Many consumer products, books, accessories of use in homes are sold through direct selling, however, with the growth of malls and shopping complexes offering wider choices

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MPM vs CPM - Better Project Manager Certification?

MPM vs CPM – Project management is an ever evolving field, with a number of tremendous advancements and changes taking place at regular intervals. With the years passing by and the projects encountered, the methodologies used are getting even more sophisticated and the deployments, ever more efficient.

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Market Penetration | Learn the Top 10 Market Penetration

For example, you can offer gift coupons or reward points to those customers whose referrals do actually get converted. Changing product designs – By making the product in a more user-friendly manner, your chances of sales conversion significantly get a lift. For example, you could make a lengthy novel a paperback one instead of a hard-bound one.

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