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Percents: Percentages in Real Life

Here, 50% off means the discount is 50% of $8. 50%, or half, of 8 is 4. This means the shirt will cost $4 less than the original price. Remember, the discount is taken off of the original price. So we'll subtract the discount from the original price. 8 minus 4 is 4. So the shirt would cost four dollars on sale. Let's try another example.

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Money Basics: Shopping

These discount cards are similar to coupons—a percentage or amount is taken off a product. The card is scanned at the cash register, and a specified amount is deducted. There is typically no fee to obtain one of these cards. Sales Of course, sales are another way to save money. A store may have a 10 percent, 15 percent, or 20 percent off sale.

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Free Typing Tutorial Tutorial at GCFGlobal

In this free Typing tutorial, learn the basics of touch typing, then practice your typing skills.

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Job Success: Time Management -

Turn off the television. According to the American Time Use Survey, Americans older than 15 spend an average of 2.8 hours per day watching TV. If you watch two or more hours of television a day, consider cutting back or turning off the TV altogether.

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Word 2013: Columns -

To learn more about adding breaks to your document, visit our lesson on Breaks.. Challenge! Open an existing Word document. If you want, you can use our practice document.; Select the text you want to format into columns. If you're using the example, select the two bulleted lists in the New Online Resident Portal section.; Format the selected text into two columns.

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Money Basics: Budget Now - Before You Start Looking for a

Try to formulate some goals for your personal or family finances. Is your goal to pay off your credit card debt or save for a family trip? This is where you really need to think about what you want and what you need. Remember, it's always cheaper in the end to save money for something you want rather than to buy it on credit. 3. Determine

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