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Caproco provides design, manufacturing, operation and training services related to internal corrosion monitoring and control. Products include Fittings, Coupons, Probes, Instruments, Injection, Bacterial and Retriever Tools.

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Recommended Practice and Procedure for the Use of

not be broken until the coupons are to be used, to ensure that atmospheric corrosion of the coupons is kept to a minimum. When attaching coupons to the coupon holder, it is recommended that clean laboratory gloves (P/N 11239) are worn oto prevent moisture and body oils present on th e skin from coming in contact with the unexposed coupon.

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Multiple Disc Coupon Holder Retrievable

access fitting - cover off, to line O.D.) 2. Nominal pipe size 3. Pipe wall thickness 3. Length of bottom of line liquid trap, if applicable 5. Desired positions of coupons Key: A = Acce s Fitting Height [distance from top of access fitting (cover off) to line O.D.] B = Pipe Wall Thickness K = Constant (plug height: 2.5" / 63.5mm) C = Pipe

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Dual Disc Coupon Holder Retrievable

holder allows for easy, rapid changing of coupons without system shutdown. Dual disc coupon holders are supplied complete with Teflon spacers to insulate the coupons from each other while providing the correct orientation in the line. S PECIFICATIONS Caproco dual disc coupon holders are manufactured from 316 stainless steel. Maximum Operating

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Ladder Strip Coupon Holder Retrievable

The use of corrosion coupons is the most common method of measuring internal corrosion, and is critical to establishing a monitoring baseline. The ladder strip coupon holder is specifically designed to be used in larger pipelines where corrosion conditions cannot be adequately monitored by a single pair of coupons.

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High Pressure Retrievable System :: Caproco Internal

If desired, tee style access fittings can be used to hold corrosion coupons or probes. The tee on the access fitting body may be sealed off (with a pipe plug or shutoff valve) and the corrosion monitoring equipment mounted on a hollow or solid plug. If a pipe plug is attached to the tee, the tee outlet cannot be used again until the system has

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Access Fitting Body (Tee) - Caproco

may be sealed off with a pipe plug. The fitting will then act as a standard non-tee fitting, permitting the use of corrosion coupons, hydrogen probes or electronic probes. If the tee is sealed with a pipe plug, the tee outlet cannot be used again until the system has been depressurized.

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Corrosion Monitoring :: Caproco Internal Corrosion

Corrosion control costs worldwide amount to billions of dollars, with potential failures posing serious risk of:

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