What If I Forgot To Claim My Weekly Unemployment? | Bizfluent

In states where you have an assigned day to certify for your next payment of benefits, your state may offer makeup days for missed claims. For example, if your state divides its certifications into Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays based on the first letter of your last name, Thursdays and Fridays are usually makeup days.

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How to Create and Print a Payment Coupon Book | Bizfluent

Print out coupons on heavyweight paper. Carefully cut the coupons apart with a paper cutter or scissors, making sure they are equal in size and cut straight. Design and type a front and back cover equal in size to the coupons. Place the coupons in order between the front and back covers and staple the book together on the left-hand side.

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How to Start a Coupon Book Business | Bizfluent

If you enjoy negotiating, making sales and helping people save money, starting a coupon-book business may be for you. It has low start-up costs and requires negotiating skills and some work upfront. But with more people trying to save money whenever and wherever possible, it can be a lucrative business.

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Sales Promotions and Customer Needs | Bizfluent

However, price-off deals, coupons, buy-one-get-one deals and rebates all may attract the attention of price-conscious customers looking for the best value. Understanding Value Proposition. When customers buy, they do so to address a functional or emotional need. People buy food to satisfy hunger or a television to satisfy a desire for

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How to Record Cash Discounts As Income on a Financial

In accounting, a cash discount or sales discount is any discount you get from a supplier, typically for paying your bill promptly. A "2/10 net 30" discount, for instance, gives you 2 percent off if you pay in full within 10 days. Otherwise, you pay the normal price within 30 days. Even though the supplier

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How to Print UPC Barcodes | Bizfluent

The Universal Product Code, or UPC, is a product identification number that is displayed as a barcode consisting of thick and thin lines and spaces. The UPC code is scanned electronically and provides information on the product, manufacturer and price. As part of a large database, UPC barcodes make it easy for

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How to Write a Letter Negotiating a Discount | Bizfluent

Negotiating a discount with your suppliers can be a simple or drawn-out process, depending on the industry and the depth of your relationship. Often the simplest way to set the discussion in motion is with a brief letter, outlining your case for a discount and how much of a price break you want.

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How Much to Pay for a Vending Machine Spot | Bizfluent

To help reduce the expenses paid for a vending machine location, some vending machine business owners secure a charity sponsorship. In a charity sponsorship, the vending machine owner makes a small donation--typically around $1 to $2 per month per machine--to the charity; in return, the charity organization provides a sticker for the machine proclaiming that a portion of the machine's income

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Sales Promotions | Bizfluent

Taking 25 percent off the price of a good without altering its benefits increases the customer's perception of value. Companies also use sales promotions to achieve other non-revenue-generating objectives. When a new business launches, for instances, promotions are a way to attract customers away from competitors.

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How to Calculate Original Price After Discount | Bizfluent

If you're in the business of holding sales or offering discounts, at some point you're going to have to figure out the original price of the item before the discount was applied. Find this by deducting the percentage discount from 100 percent, then dividing the discounted price by the result.

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What Is a DoubleClick Spotlight Tag? | Bizfluent

DoubleClick is Google's program for managing online advertising. Tags are a tool for analyzing advertising and learning which ads, campaigns or products generate the best sales. In 2010, Google upgraded its original DoubleClick program to offer new assets to publishers, as it refers to websites that host online

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