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Actived: Thursday Dec 3, 2020

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My response was great; but I also stated please send me a coupon code (5% off) so I can pay the same price. The next thing I know my order is cancelled and when I go to reorder the same fridge is

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Coupons from BBB Accredited Businesses you can trust

Coupons from BBB Accredited Businesses you can trust! Print, Clip and Save! $50 off any repair. Limit 1 Valid not be comb VO if altered, 10% off any and all services!

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Discount Bandit | Better Business Bureau® Profile

Discount Bandit is a deal broker, similar to a personal shopping service, matching discount shoppers to retailers, offering the following services; Online Shipping Broker Merchandise Broker Online

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Raise Marketplace Inc | Better Business Bureau® Profile

I made a large order of gift cards after receiving a marketing e-mail for a 20$ off order. The coupon code did not apply during the checkout payment process and Raise Support was unwilling to

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BBB Warning: No, Walmart is not Giving you a Free $250

The Better Business Bureau Serving Western Michigan is sharing a warning about a growing Facebook scam. Posts, seemingly from friends, claim Walmart is giving out free $250 gift cards.

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First off they had $10 express shipping on all orders posted all over the website, which wasn't applying to cart when I placed the order. I used a coupon code while placing my order which never

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Coupons from BBB Accredited Businesses you can trust

$25 off paid repair. Limit 1 Valid thru: not be comb VO if altered, Wawasee Family Dentistry 10% off any whitening product or service. Limit 1 thru: not be comb VO if altered , WagoneFs amtmg. # 9 off

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Treat A Dog LLC | Better Business Bureau® Profile

Oh yes and here's a "most beneficial" 20% off coupon code for your next purchase. Misleading advertisement on "easy to clean". I responded the same indicating I was reporting the company to BBB

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Trusii | Better Business Bureau® Profile

I was also given a coupon code for 50% off, which at this point, seemed humorous, given that there was apparently no product to give. I, once again, requested that my order be cancelled.

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Placed an order on April 10th, and I was charged immediately. Delivery was not sent out. On April 15th I contacted their customer care department via email, they said the item would be shipped.

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