What Happened To My Start Menu? - Microsoft Community

When I clicked on my Start menu, normally I would see the multiple groups and apps I pinned to Start. Such as calculator, notepad, etc. However, everything was gone. It looked like it resetted all of

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Coupon discount code - Microsoft Community

Hi there, I just finished off an account with microsoft advertising. It has been mentioned out to me, that you will get a discount coupon code once you start. I have never received any code in my

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10% Discount for Students and Parents on all Microsoft

I was told by one of your online reps, Faye, while I was on the order page, to request a refund for the 10% discount for parents and students on my order #5057358309, but don't see anywhere to do

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Microsoft store discount code - Microsoft Community

But now I usually get discount codes from verified sites and I also suggest you that you also get discount codes from verified sites or Official Microsoft Store, recently I also got a promo code via Sitewide Coupon up to 50% off on Mp3 Software program for Microsoft Windows 98 – Vista and I am really enjoying it.

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Redeeming a 9-digit store promo code - Microsoft Community

I am trying to redeem a 9-digit promo code that I was given that "can be used on anything in our Microsoft Online Store". I am having trouble finding where it should be redeemed at. Everything I see

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Received invalid promo code for Xbox 360 trade in

I'm entering the promo code at the Microsoft Store checkout. I just included the links for where I got the trade in because when I talk to a customer service rep, they seem to have no idea where I would have gotten the promo code.

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30% off 12-month Gold membership - Microsoft Community

30% off 12-month Gold membership I had a promotion come up today for 30% off the regular cost for a 12-month extension for Xbox Live. I had entered the promotion and forgot to purchase and upon looking for it later couldn’t find it.

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How do I get rid of the "GET COUPON" pop up on the

Note: You need to perform the steps suggested under, “How do I turn Pop-up Blocker on or off?” Method 2- Refer the article- How to optimize Internet Explorer. Note: The Reset Internet Explorer Settings feature might reset security settings or privacy settings that you added to the list of Trusted Sites.

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how to remove drop down coupons in my yahoo mail

would love to get rid of this nuisance called drop down coupons which is malware,that I got after answering what I thought was a yahoo questionnaire.. and now I have this interfering with everything that is underlined it brings up marketing ads etc.. and it displays things I don't want half **** women etc.. have tried going into programs and deleting but not there in the browser..

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How to disable Cortana, Edge and more 100% - Microsoft

Cortana uses up 47-51% of memory . On all my systems Cortana uses less than 50MB. Cortana uses up 47-51% of memory . On all my systems Cortana uses less than 50MB.

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Unable to print coupons from Edge - Microsoft Community

I upgraded to Windows 10 recently and now I'm unable to print coupons from I contacted and reinstalled Coupon Printer few times. It did not work. I'm on Microsoft Edge (it's not listed below as an option in the drop down window). I no longer know where Internet Options or Tools are located.

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